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Proven Leadership Delivering Results for Our Community

Michael comes from a middle-class family with a long tradition of service to family, community, and country. His parents met in Spokane, where they raised four kids on a working-class income that his father made working in the local mill before Michael was born. In 1970, Mike's father took a job with Lockheed-Martin and they moved to the Bay-Area town of Milpitas, CA. Soon after, Michael and his twin brother were born. Michael spent his childhood in Milpitas, until he graduated high school and his family moved back to Washington. 

As a young adult, Michael felt an obligation to do more to serve his country. He joined the Marines, and served for 8 years of his adult life. The Marine Corps allowed him to learn and build on the values his family instilled in him. He developed as a young leader through the everyday trials that come with military service. He soon left the military and took on a variety of adventures including working at the Hanford Nuclear Plant, pursuing public safety testing as a potential officer, and finally settling in Lacey to take over his family business. 


Michael now serves with pride on the Lacey City Council. He leans on his various experiences from military service, as a member of a labor union, and ownership of a small business to navigate the complex issues that face our community. He has built a solid base of accomplishments through votes that have protected the environment, promoted economic progress, and helped and protected our local veterans. He hopes to earn re-election to the council in order to keep fighting for our neighbors and our community.


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